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"I feel so great today!!!"

"I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, recurring lower back pain and Type 2 diabetes. It took no more than 7 days and my pains

were gone. No more pain for 3 months in a row now.

Thank you!"

Lee Ann Johnson, Age 42

"Back in my crossfit class"

"Thanks to this system I was able to get rid of my lower back issues and I can again go to my yoga and crossfit classes. I recommended your system to everyone in my family and to my friends who suffer from similar issues as I did. Why you guys haven't come up with this method much earlier?" Wish you all best!

Jeanette Delgado, Age 26

"This Self-Treatment system works!"

"I couldn't move freely for 10 years due to pinched sciatic nerve. After a week of only drinking the herbal cocktail, without even trying the static exercises I was again free of all my back and leg pains. Highly recommended system. I don't need any pills no more!"

Steven Armstrong, Age 64

"Neck pain from arthritis gone!"

"I tried all possible methods of treatment for my ongoing neck problems and gave this one very little chance. Boy I was wrong!

All the money wasted for non-steroidal injections, physiotherapies and anti-inflammatories...had I known about your method earlier

I would have saved tons of money!"

Jake Harmer, Age 69

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Whether You're an Athlete or Senior...

Our Special 3 Minute Method Combined With Powerful 7 Day Detoxification Approach...

...Relieves Years of Back Pain or Sciatica

in Just A Few Short Home Sessions...

...By Naturally Rebalancing Your Skeletal

and Neuromuscular Systems.

If you or someone you know suffers from any of the following conditions then read this presentation carefully until the end.

  • Upper & Lower Back or Hip Pain
  • Difficulty Walking or Getting Up
  • Sports Injury to Back Muscles
  • Pinched Sciatic Nerve
  • Muscle Strains and Cramps
  • Osteoporosis or Scoliosis
  • Rheumatoid or Osteoarthritis
  • Neck Pain or Migraines
  • Lumbar and Spinal Stenosis

Professional References


"We now apply the detoxification part

to every patient, including those with high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes along their medication with very positive results."

Ellen and Peter Spalding, Seattle WA

"It works. My patiens are going off pain prescriptions and the system is getting noticed in medical circles.

Lloyd Patterson, Glasgow UK

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Three years ago, just when retired from the US Army I've been diagnosed with chronic sciatica and a severe form of axial pain in my entire back.

My situation got so serious that I was often forced to use a wheelchair.

The horrible immobility and constant fear of experiencing another shooting pain got me close to a psychic breakdown.

I Wasn't Feeling Like a Valid Member Of My Own Family Anymore.


I couldn't work around my house or meet my friends downtown. Play sports or pursue my passions that were keeping me alive for decades. I was ready to accept the pain as just part of my life.

Life in retirement was nothing more than a nightmare.

Lucky for me, all this changed in an instant....

One evening, after six months of being in a vicious cycle leading nowhere,

I was switching TV channels at home when I stumbled upon a Japanese TV channel broadcasting a live show with a group of purported healing experts.

...never before seen or presented in the English speaking world.

In that show, the experts gathered 10 people

with severe sciatic nerve and back pain symptoms on the stage.

First, they had them all drink some kind of soothing and cleansing herbal remedy.

remedy 2 shadow

Afterwards, the patients were assisted as they laid down, face-up on the floor.

A stopwatch was set to exactly 3 minutes.


Patients were guided through a simple routine consisting

of three easy-to-assume static positions.

Every minute the experts slowly changed their postures from one to the next by moving their knees into different positions.


Then, something amazing happened....

When the watch beeped 180 seconds later, the volunteers were told to stand up without any help at all.

To My Surprise They All Did.

There Was a Lot of Obvious Relief and Excitement On Their Faces.

Not believing my eyes, I decided to try that method myself.

I managed to get in touch with the group spokesperson and after some arrangements he was kind enough to send me a comprehensive description of their remarkable techniques.

The Rest is History.

On just Day 1 of the procedure, I was able to leave my wheelchair and slowly walk around in my kitchen.

By Day 3, I could easily do a couple of squats or pick up a mess off the ground.

By Day 5, I Had Already Forgotten About My Past Issues.

There Was Not a Single Trace

Of Pain Whatsoever.

The miraculous system I had used to cure myself is based on scientific research and years of strict medical testing. And its fast results made me wonder

if the medical treatments currently offered in the United States represent

the right solutions for these widespread ailments.

It's Been Over 2 Years Now Since I Cured Myself Using This Simple Self-Treatment Procedure At Home.

Since Then, I Enjoy an Active and Completely Pain-Free Life.


A life in which I am once again a real support and partner for my lovely wife.


A life in which my family

can count on me.


...and I am free to pursue

my own passions and interests.

Commercial Therapies Only Treat Symptoms

Leaving Space for Further Destabilization of Bodily Systems.

In Addition, These Medical Treatments Cost a Lot of Money and Time.


Our Method Removes The Underlying Cause Of Your Health Condition. Whether Your Pain Originates From Sports Injury, Bulging Discs

or Any Degenerative Disease, The Japanese Pain Removal Method

Works With 100% Effectiveness.

As an official health coach of this breakthrough system, let me share its details so you know exactly why last year this method helped over 16,000 users in Western countries only and why this method isn't so widely available at this point of time.

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The language barrier between nations sometimes prevents information to be shared immediately and this is exactly the case here. Contrary to current opinion in Western medical and scientific circles, the Japanese 10 years long research made shocking discovery of three fundamental causes behind sciatica and back pain.

What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You...

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Cause #1: Inflammation

Most diseases have their origins in human past. Mental stress and poor nutrition causes toxins to flow into muscles, joints and tendons. This process introduces inflammation and swelling into the neuromuscular system weakening it and making it prone to various diseases, fractures and tears. 

In addition, current ongoing research is soon to confirm that inflammation of internal systems also stands behind many of the widespread ailments such as all types of diabetes, elevated heart pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular and gastro-intestinal issues.

psoas 2

Cause #2: Weak or Stiff Hip Flexors

This bilateral muscle is the only one holding your upper and lower body together. It only consists of a tiny layer of muscle tissues. This increases chance the hip flexors become too weak or too stiff to hold these two major body parts together properly.

Weakened psoas muscle further causes surrounding muscle groups to lose their original position and function, making spine lose portion of the needed support. Disc ruptures, bulging and herniation naturally takes place.

In fact, most of the elderly people with limited mobility should focus their efforts in strengthening this muscle while also trying to make it more flexible.


Cause #3: Weak Piriformis Muscles

Piriformis muscles located in your gluteus region help shift your body weight from one leg to the other when you're walking. However the muscles' main function is rotation of the leg and thigh, called abduction.

Since the abduction is a seldom performed movement the piriformis tends to become under utilized and shrinks over time. Distrophy then creates space for other gluteus muscles to fill the vacant gap often pinching the sciatic nerve along the process.

To unblock the sciatic nerve, an atrophy (growth) of the piriformis muscles must occur forcing larger gluteus muscles move back into their original position.

A Japanese 3 Minute Per Day Approach The Experts Had Been Using

To Cure Top Government Officials and Olympic Athletes

To Quickly Get Them Back to Work

The 7 day method is based on daily ingestion of nutrients packed herbal concoction and a simple 3 minute long routine consisting of 3 static positions performed in bed or on the floor.

It's Actually Easy to Get Rid Of Sciatica or Back Pain Using The Sequential Progression Method

One of the most important factors when targeting small internal muscles is to perform the exercises in correct order. Target one muscle too soon and the other one won't relax or be open to any influence. This method is designed so that your muscles are effectively stimulated to produce desired change.

Here is The Complete Breakdown of The Procedure.

shutterstock_188473466 - Copy (2)

Neuromuscular and Skeletal Detoxification: Ingesting Powerful Herbal Remedy

This essential and research proven detoxification drink consists of a highly potent herbal ingredient that works almost immediately. It takes away pain symptoms, normalizes blood pressure, boosts healing process and flushes away toxins from the affected areas of skeletal, neuromuscular, gastro-intestinal and cardiovascular systems.

It is easy obtainable in almost all geographies and should be part of breakfast and dinner to effectively establish continuous cleansing effect for a period of 7 to 14 days. The detox part is an absolute must for this system to work with 100% effectiveness.

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Static Position #1: The Disc Slider - Restoring Original Position of Spinal Discs with Pressure Point Stimulation

When pain or soreness in your back comes from improper posture, lack of movement or application of large amount of force, muscle tears, spasms and disc herniation occur.

These symptoms can be easily healed and restored using a unique static hold that naturally forces your spinal discs back into their natural positions. This position ale stretches back muscles parallely and perpendicularly to muscle fibers causing deep relaxation.

This position was discovered using dynamic MRI scans on patients during actual exercise.

resize a

Static Position #2: Isometric Hold Targeting The Piriformis Muscle At The Right Angle to Unblock

The Sciatic Nerve

Pinched sciatic nerve causing sharp shooting pain in one or both legs is caused by distrophy (shrinking) of the piriformis muscle. The only way how to target this muscle and cause it to expand is to use a special isometric hold.

This means piriformis needs to be stretched and then slight tension has to be applied for minimum of 15 seconds or more.

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Static Position #3: The Hip Flexor Fix - Hidden Survival Muscle Missed by Modern Physicians

Since the hip flexor is the only muscle connecting your lower and upper body, its proper functioning is inevitable for all other supporting systems to perform their tasks as they are supposed to. Imagine what happens when you're thrown off balance - this is exactly what happens when your hip flexors become too weak or too stiff - throwing all other muscles, the spine and the core into a state where no single part supports the whole and vice versa.

Luckily due to its small size we are able to quickly restore its proper functioning.

Say Good Bye to Physical Therapies, Drugs, Injections and Surgeries.

In our step-by-step guide

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The Sciatica and Back Pain Self-Treatment:

Permanently Remove Pain in 7 Days or Less

You’ll Discover The Complete "Detox & Decompress" Approach

Anyone Can Follow plus Much More...

  • Revolutionary 3 Minute Exercise Routine That Removes Back Pain & Sciatica by Simply Laying on Your Back in Easy to Assume Positions
  • How to Unlock the 'Hidden Survival Muscle' Missed by Modern Physicians to Treat Any Back or Hip Pain
  • How to Instantly Relax One Tiny Muscle Responsible for Sciatica in Over 54% of Patients
  • Secrets of Curing Any Joint Pain Using Traditional Japanese Medicine Recipes
  • The Underlying Causes of Sciatica and Back Pain and How to Cure Them Using Natural Drug-Free Home Solution
  • Significantly Reduce Any Sciatic Nerve and Back Pain While Sleeping Using These Simple Adjustments
  • Never-Before-Seen One Minute Isometric Method Used By Top Japanese Healers for Gaining Back Strength
  • 5 Most Important Things to Avoid When Suffering from Sciatica, Back Pain, Bulging Discs or Arthritis
  • How to Lift Heavy Objects At Any Age With Zero Risk of Injury Using The Hidden Body Leverage System 
  • Extremely Effective 4 Week Isostatic & Isometric Position Set to Fully Recover from Laminectomy and Microdiscectomy Surgery

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  • Powerful Neuro-Muscular and Musculo-Skeletal Detoxification Method That Instantly Calms Down Your Joints, Muscles and Nerves

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Our Guarantee is Simple. Either You Cure Yourself or Your Money Back.

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You Have a Full 60-Day Guarantee But You Will See Results in Just 7 Days.

That's Why The Only Thing You Have to Lose is Your Sciatica and Back Pain.

We've Already Done The Work for You - All You Have to Do is Take The Next Step.


John McPherson

Health Advisor and Founder of Spinal Recovery™ Systems

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